Focus Area

Business & Tech Enabled Services

Sub-Sectors of Interest

  • Human Capital Solutions
  • Ed-tech, Training & Certification
  • Third Party Logistics
  • Software in Select End Markets
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • B2B Food Supply Chain Services

Investment Themes

  • Supply chain complexity and velocity
  • Outsourcing trends with re-occurring demand
  • Increasingly complex regulatory and compliance requirements
  • eCommerce driven growth
  • Delivery of virtual services
  • Solutions for labor shortages or other gaps in workforce
  • Opportunities for industry consolidation
  • Proprietary or customized technology as a differentiator
  • Digitization and automation of manual processes to drive efficiencies
  • Shift towards cloud-based technology platforms
  • Greater need for integration and interoperability across systems
  • Increased demand for reporting, analytics, and AI to drive decision-making
  • Explosive proliferation of data
  • Consumer preferences for “better-for-you” foods and food supply chain sustainability and visibility

Dolly Wagner-Wilkins
Worldwide Express, Chief Technology Officer

Ridgemont has been very supportive of the build-out and implementation of our proprietary tech platform, from recruiting the right talent to rolling out across our many locations. Our new technology platform is a bold investment, but it is strategic for the business, and Ridgemont encouraged us to keep pushing forward and brought a full suite of resources to ensure the success of the project.

Scott Mahosky
Anne Arundel Dermatology, CEO

Similar to the type of physicians we are looking to attract to our practice, we were very focused on finding a capital partner that shared the same values and commitment to excellence in every aspect of their work. Like Ridgemont, we have a culture of valuing individual contributions and operating a very efficient business in order to leave time for what matters most.

Kevin Anderson
Unite Private Networks, Founder, Chairman & CEO

We first partnered with Ridgemont in 2010 and have shared much success together. They are very experienced investors in our industry and have always offered valuable insight and shared our vision for what UPN was capable of achieving through each chapter of our business.

Christer Rundlof
WhiteWater Midstream, CEO

Ridgemont is a preferred partner because of their ability to move quickly and thoughtfully. The team is a great asset to the WhiteWater franchise.

Bob Munch
Munch’s Supply, CEO

I really love what I do and value Ridgemont’s support of our legacy and our future. It is incredibly important to find a partner that is knowledgeable in the industry and respects family-run businesses.

John Comly
American Safety Council, CEO

From day one of our partnership with Ridgemont, we have all been focused on accelerating the growth of our business. Ridgemont came in with a playbook, target list of M&A opportunities and key areas for investment. There is great alignment in vision and strategy – and it’s fun!

Susan Stark
SPG, Founder & President

Our partnership with Ridgemont allowed us to expand our service offering and enhance our ability to serve children with autism and other special needs. With Ridgemont’s guidance, we have put together multi-year strategic initiatives to pursue acquisitions in new markets and grow our therapeutic capabilities.

Somer Webb
Worldwide Express, CFO

Everyone’s commitment to sharing ideas and perspectives at the board level has enabled us to make informed and joint decisions that we are all accountable for. This collaboration and ability to leverage collective experiences helps us to problem solve and learn from each other.

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